Col Vetoraz DOCG: 25 years of excellence

During 2018, the Col Vetoraz members celebrated the 25th anniversary of the winery by personally delivering a prestigious award to 25 famous people. The protagonist of the gift was Valdobbiadene DOCG Superiore di Cartizze, which represents the top of Col Vetoraz's production.

To celebrate its first 25 years, the company has enclosed the Valdobbiadene DOCG Superiore di Cartizze in a precious magnum with a refined design, decorated with original Swarovski, produced exclusively in 25 copies only.

The twenty-five characters, recipients of the prestigious award, were chosen by the company itself for having distinguished themselves thanks to their work in various professional fields. 2018 was a traveling year, therefore, in the sign of a project of value that in itself contains all the work, passion and commitment that this winemaking industry has consistently supported along these first 25 years since its foundation, which took place in 1993 thanks to Francesco Miotto and his partners Loris Dall'Acqua (winemaker) and Paolo De Bortoli (agronomist), but started as far back as 1838 when the founding family, Miotto, settled on the homonymous hill from which the name originates: Col Vetoraz.

25 years also of tenacity passion and research: the same values that guided Col Vetoraz partners in the selection of the 25 characters, in whose work they found the same excellence. Here following in alphabetical order, the names of those to whom the recognition was given:

Antonio Amorim – President Amorim Group Portogallo

Antonia Arslan – academic, writer, translator of Armenian origins

Nicola Canal – ‘el Canal’ – web influencer

Emilio Celotti – enotechnic, researcher and university professor

Lella Costa – actress and dubber

Philippe Daverio – art critic

Enzo De Prà – Ristorante Dolada (Belluno) - the oldest Italian Michelin star

Riccardo Donadon – H-Farm Founder and President

Mariacristina Gribaudi – a.d. Keyline

Luigi Moio – professor of oenology at Federico II Naples University, expert in biochemical and technological sensory aspects of the wine aroma

Chiara Nardon – scientific researcher in breast cancer

Vincenzo Nibali - cyclist

Gessica Notaro – music performer committed to the defense of women victims of abuse and violence

Helmut Kocher – Merano Wine Festival Founder and President

Isabella Potì e Floriano Pellegrino - Ristorante Bros’ - Lecce – 1 Michelin star

Niko Romito – Ristorante Casa Reale – Castel di Sangro (AQ) – 3 Michelin star

Paolo Rotelli – Presidente Gruppo Ospedaliero San Donato – the first italian private hospital group

Massimo Scattolin – classic guitar player and composer

Alessandro Scorsone – sommelier, responsible for the state ceremonial at Palazzo Chigi (Rome) and journalist

Sandro Veronesi – Calzedonia Group Founder and President

Francesco Vidotto – ex entrepreneur, now romance writer

Bebe Vio – paralympic athlete

Luca Zaia – Veneto Region Governor

Filippo Zanella – Self, digital startup Founder and President

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