Col Vetoraz harvest 2018 has started

"In these days in the Col Vetoraz vineyards we collect the hardships of a whole year of work. It is the fruit of our commitment and of what nature has given us.The 2018 season has been characterized by a balanced spring, which brought the vine to a beautiful and fragrant flowering, slightly anticipated."

The beginning of summer has been fluctuating, with alternating periods of cold and rainy days and of good heat, conditions that favored a perfect setting, a good development of the bunches and a lush vegetation.

The second part of the summer has been instead characterized by high temperatures and no rainfall, in this period the plants showed slight symptoms of heat suffering, but not water scarcity cause fortunately the soil had accumulated a good supply of water. These conditions allowed a smooth maturity trend.

The rains and the lowering of the temperatures of the last ten days before the harvest are proving fundamental for the maintenance of the acid balance and for the preservation of the aromatic heritage.

"We expect a good harvest for the Valdobbiadene DOCG 2018 that confirms its excellence"

Loris Dall'Acqua, Col Vetoraz partner and winemaker 

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