Harvest at Col Vetoraz, reflections on the vintage 2018

As with any winemaking reality, the harvest for Col Vetoraz is always a great bet between man and nature, waiting with a lively involvement because it represents the result of the efforts of a whole year of work. A season in which the fruit of everyone's commitment is gathered in the cellar, adding it to what Nature has been able to offer in the twelve-month cycle.

A unique gift that is never the same as itself, as determined by seasonal trends and always different climatic conditions. As usual this is the time for the members of Col Vetoraz, Francesco Miotto, Paolo De Bortoli and Loris Dall'Acqua of a shared reflection on the new vintage.

"The 2018 season was characterized by a balanced spring, which brought the vine to a beautiful and fragrant flowering, even if slightly anticipated - explains the winemaker Loris Dall'Acqua - The early summer was fluctuating, with a succession of a cold and rainy period in good heat one, which has favored a perfect setting, a good development of the bunches and a luxuriant vegetation. The second part of the summer was instead characterized by high temperatures and no rainfall, in this period the plants showed slight symptoms of heat suffering, but not water scarcity, the soil having luckily accumulated a good supply of water. These conditions allowed a smooth maturity trend. The rains and the lowering of the temperatures of the last ten days before the harvest have proved to be fundamental for the maintenance of the acidity balance as well as the aromatic heritage."

"The grapes from the 2018 harvest were generally beautiful and healthy. We expect - continues Loris Dall'Acqua - a result of good quality, with wines of light structure and delicate aromatic heritage. This is due to a vegetative luxuriance above average. In this regard we would like to highlight how important it is to control and regulate any excess production by sharing a simple concept: only production regularity can guarantee the maintenance of full viticultural income, while overproductions, which are usually managed by unscrupulous speculators, inevitably end up damage the market. "

The best carefully selected grapes come from the slopes of the foothills, the area most suited to the cultivation of Valdobbiadene DOCG, where the harvest is carried out strictly by hand, in full respect of the raw material. A difficult and laborious method of work given the extreme slope of the land, but from which come wines of undisputed quality level, as confirmed by the numerous prestigious national and international awards.

For example, the Valdobbiadene DOCG Superiore of Cartizze has recently been awarded the 92 points by Robert Parker, the 'Top Wine' award for the Italian Prosecco category at the Vivino Wine Style Award, the Corona by Vinibuoni d'Italia wine guide and the Sparkle 5 spheres 2018.

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