Col Vetoraz Spumanti
between family and tradition

Our setting, with its hills and mild breezes. Perfect exposure to the sun’s rays and soil with an ideal organic composition. The Miotto family’s many centuries of tradition. The skill and ideas of one of the most innovative enologists. Based on these four pillars, Col Vetoraz was founded in 1993, with agronomist Paolo De Bortoli and enologist Loris Dall’Acqua alongside Francesco Miotto in an ongoing journey towards excellence. Today, with more than 250 awards and the recognition of the winemaking world, Col Vetoraz has indisputably become an element to rely on in the distinctive identity and reputation for excellence of our magnificent land.

On the summit
of Mount Cartizze

since 1838

A story that
goes back a long way

“I remember it was a warm spring morning in 1993. While strolling through the vineyards my family had been cultivating for generations on this magnificent hill, I, Loris and Paolo decided to found Col Vetoraz Spumanti. We immediately defined what our mission would be: to pay homage to this unique and generous land, we would have to create only the best quality wines. We had an ambitious aim: to become a benchmark in the local area.”

Francesco Miotto
  • 1838
    When Francesco Miotto’s ancestors settled on Col Vetoraz beside Mount Cartizze, they immediately started growing vines.
  • 1918
    Due to its dominant position, Col Vetoraz became an Austro-Hungarian command base and was heavily bombed by the Italian front on the Piave. The Miotto family laboriously repaired the wounds inflicted by the Great War and continued growing vines.
  • 1980
    When his father died prematurely, 29 year old Francesco Miotto took over running the company and began producing the first bottles using the traditional natural fermentation “con fondo” method.
  • 1993
    Based on a precise idea of excellence, Francesco Miotto, Paolo De Bortoli and Loris Dall’Acqua founded Col Vetoraz Spumanti.
  • 1999
    The first successful Millesimato in the DOCG area was produced and was an immediate triumph, winning the Gran Medaglia d’Oro at Vinitaly for five years.
  • 2012
    At the end of an ambitious and challenging project, the first DOCG bottle without residual sugar, Extra Brut Ø, saw the light.
  • 2013
    Research and technology continued to improve year after year. Construction of a new winemaking and storage building marked a significant milestone in production.
  • 2015
    An impressive large wine tasting room and meeting room looking out over the slopes of Mount Cartizze were built.
  • 2018
    A long series of initiatives celebrated 25 years of activity, packed with commitment, satisfaction and awards.


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